We caught up with one of our customers who has just come back from Turkey to give you a sense of what to expect if you book a ‘Winter Sun’ package this Autumn.

‘Firstly, the airport – there were obviously far fewer people travelling so everything felt very safe, well spaced out and controlled. Before getting on the flight there was a temperature check and we were all told to wear masks for the duration.’

‘The flight was probably the bit we were most nervous about but actually it was good, people largely kept their masks on, a couple needed reminding but on the whole it was fine.’

‘When we arrived at our hotel we were given a briefing on the different rules. Sunbeds were spaced out into either couples or families and reminders were around the pool area to remind people to socially distance.’

‘Our hotel was pretty much on the beach and close to a small seaside town. We went for walks each day and I have to say, this is where we were able to pretty much act as normal. We wandered around shops which were open and breezy meaning there was no need for masks, some people chose to wear them but we felt completely safe without. On return to the hotel each day we had a quick temperature check which again left us feeling as though they were on top of everything.’

‘In terms of food, our hotel had a mixture of a la carte and buffet restaurants, the a la carte operated basically as you would expect in the UK, tables well spaced and those serving food were wearing masks. The buffet was really well run, instead of helping yourself there were multiple people to help serve and people were very sensible.’

‘Overall, I would say that whilst travelling at the moment won’t be for everyone, our experience was completely positive – we were able to relax, forget about everything and enjoy ourselves. Measures were in place but they were subtle, meaning we felt both safe and free.’