Race Across the World Discovery Evening

12th June 2024          6pm – 8pm

Explore Asia with Bailey’s Travel in partnership with Wendy Wu

For travel lovers, Race Across the World is a great programme.

For the uninitiated the concept is simple, pairs of travellers’ race across continents hitting key checkpoints, all for the cost of the equivalent flight.

For us travel aficionados, it isn’t particularly the racing element that proves such a good watch, it’s the fantastic destinations featured. The first series saw contestants travel from London to Singapore the second, wound down South America whilst the most recent (covid impacted) series saw the teams travel across Canada.

That last series inspired a surge of interest in Canada trips, tours, cruises and bespoke itineraries with people inspired by the show. This time we thought we’d jump ahead of the curve.

The latest series features Asia, starting in Japan and finishing in Lombok, Indonesia. We’ve secured the Asia specialist tour operator, Wendy Wu, to come along and speak about places featured on the show, potential good combinations of destinations, essential tours and additional hints and trips to make a good trip, great.

We will also have exclusive offers and discounts for attendees.

The evening is set to take place the night after the final episode has finished and we are expecting to be busy – so don’t delay, book on today and secure your FREE place.

More on Wendy Wu

Wendy Wu are one of our very favourite operators, here’s how they describe themselves…

Ever since Wendy’s first tour departure over 20 years ago, we have been perfecting the art of touring ever since. We believe and our customers tell us that we have found the perfect formula for creating extraordinary tour experiences.

Our comprehensive range of tours capture the very essence of the destination, so you’re not just admiring the top sights but truly discovering them – our award-winning national escorts and their unparalleled knowledge are an integral part of this. From the Great Wall and Terracotta Warriors to Mount Fuji and Machu Picchu – whichever destination you choose, you’ll be in safe hands.