Bailey’s Cruise Group ‘Taste of the Fjords’

16th May 2024 – 7nts

Exploring the Fjords

Norway’s Fjordland offers some of the most dramatic landscapes on earth, with a uniquely widescreen quality. On your Fjords cruise, you can relax in warmth and luxury as towering peaks give way to breath-taking waterfalls, bright blue fjords and impossibly lush green valleys, amongst quaint villages and remote mountain farms. Cruising Norway is truly life in Ultra HD.

A Norway cruise will take your breath away – and not just because of the crystal-clear air. The sheer scale of the fjords must be seen to be believed, and once witnessed will never be forgotten. Gliding along mirror-smooth waters onboard the Ambience cruise ship, you’ll be awed by the pristine landscapes full of Viking history: an endless, unspoilt vista of craggy cliffs, magnificent waterfalls and majestic mountains.

Our no-fly cruise will take you from magnificent fjord to picture-perfect cruise ports and villages dotted like jewels among lush green fields. Millions of years of glacial activity created Norway’s uniquely spectacular coastline. It is an astonishing landscape of intricately carved fjords that nestle between impressive mountains that leave you awestruck by their natural grandeur. An endless trove of breathtakingly beautiful natural wonders, Fjordland is ‘hidden Norway’ aching to be discovered.

Ashore, visit historic Bergen, a city surrounded by seven hills and seven fjords that maintains an element of its historic past with carefully preserved Bryggen. As a UNESCO listed World Heritage Site these fabulous wooden houses jostle for importance with the art museums and thriving fish market. The culinary delights of Norway are heavily inspired by the glittering sea, often featuring fish salted or preserved to last the winter storms, the cuisine from this part of the world is delicious and unique. Picturesque Flåm is a must-visit port-of-call due to the spectacular railway journey that takes you up the mountain peaks and through wild, unspoilt valleys that snake up impossibly steep slopes, promising unspoilt scenery.


What’s included?

  • Bailey’s Travel special group tour

  • Ambassador Ambience ship

  • Escorted travel

  • Full board

  • Pick up from Leighton Buzzard & Wellingborough (£70pp return)

  • Exclusive Bailey’s offer

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